KFNV | 107.1 – The River Announcements Welcome to our new site, welcome to The River

Welcome to our new site, welcome to The River

Hello there! We’re beyond excited to welcome you to our new website. The site is the culmination of months of effort by our own team here at Miss-Lou Media and Mid-South Broadcasting, developed entirely in-house, in collaboration with MichaelWDotMe Development and Design.

Some of our favorite new features we’d like to point you to is our schedule, show directory, and news page. Check em out!

For 51 years, KFNV has been serving the Miss-Lou area. The “FNV” in KFNV stands for Ferriday, Natchez, Vidalia. Today, we’re as committed as ever to serving those areas and those areas specifically, we’re hyper-local, and we’re proud of it. Our current owner, Jimmy Allgood, grew up listening to the station, and has been a fixture of the community it serves for decades. In the last few years, him and his wife Carla have been able to realize a lifelong dream of acquiring the station.

We’re not boastful folk, but we think we’ve got alot to be proud of. We have more original shows than any station in the Miss-Lou area, and nearly 40% of our daily lineup features local DJs. That’s live DJs, at the station – not voice-tracked in advance.  In 2023 we added a new show to our drive-time slot, our most valuable on-air real-estate. Instead of filling it with the biggest hits and as many ads as we could cram in to maximize profit, we used it to do something cool; we introduced a show dedicated to showcasing diversity in the rock spectrum.

In a market where radio is nearly entirely dominated by one company, we’re proud to be uniquely different. Thank you for your support over the years and in the future.

– The KFNV Team